The annual Biofabricate summit on December 13 will bring together innovators and industry with one humble goal: kickstarting the next industrial revolution


In science labs, research centers and design offices across the planet, the Material Revolution is gathering pace. Harnessing the potent potential of biology, a new generation of creators is replacing plastic and other harmful substances with materials grown from nature.

“Plastic is a design failure – we can’t just keep it in a closed loop, we need to accelerate the Material Revolution,” says Parley founder Cyrill Gutsch. “We believe biofabrication has the potential to underpin an entirely new economy – one that functions in partnership with the planet’s natural systems. It’s one of the reasons our long-term collaboration with Biofabricate is so important. We need to encourage and scale innovation, and support the innovators. This is our window to reinvent and create the new. Our future depends on it.”

Working across fashion, furniture, packaging, consumer goods and more, companies in the Biofabricate network are developing products using biotechnology. Materials range from bacteria and mushrooms to yeast and enzymes. From biodegradable threads stronger than steel to packaging that nourishes the soil instead of polluting the oceans – innovations are emerging into the real world and beginning to scale up.

To grow the movement, Parley has once again partnered with Biofabricate to convene a landmark summit, bringing together the world’s leading bio-innovators to accelerate change. As Suzanne Lee explains, “Biofabricate is a truly unique meeting — a one-day event that brings together designers, scientists, startups, and brands to reimagine the future.”

Confirmed Speakers

Suzanne Lee
Founder of Biofabricate and Chief Creative Officer at Modern Meadow

Cyrill Gutsch
Founder of Parley For The Oceans

Developing biomaterials from the most renewable organisms on earth

Dan Grushkin
Founder and Executive Director of the Biodesign Challenge

William Myers
Author of Biodesign and Cut/Paste/Grow

A global venture capital firm that runs IndiBio, the world’s largest biotech accelerator program

Alex Lorestani
CEO and Co-Founder of biotechnology innovators Geltor

Ara Katz
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the microbiome company Seed

Andras Forgacs
CEO of bioleather materials manufacturer Modern Meadow

Jasmina Aganovic
President of biome-friendly skincare company Mother Dirt


Join us at New Lab in Brooklyn on December 13th to be part of the revolution. || @parleyxxx

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Video: Highlights from the 2017 Biofabricate summit