S'well x Parley: The Battle Against Single-Use Plastic Bottles


Parley for the Oceans and S’well join forces in the battle against the threat of single-use plastic bottles and launch fundraising products


Long-term partnership between Parley and S’well to offer alternatives to single-use plastic bottles

Every S’well x Parley bottle sold funds the removal of 10 pounds of marine plastic debris in Island Nations though the Parley Global Cleanup Network

First S’well x Parley limited edition available as of World Ocean Day, June 8th


According to recent estimates, in the next minute, a million plastic bottles will be purchased around the world. At this rate, over half a trillion plastic bottles are expected to be sold in 2020. 91% of the plastic we produce never gets recycled, and 8 million metric tons of it enters the oceans annually.

Plastic bottles pose a threat to the environment and human health. In a 2018 study, 93% of samples from popular bottled water brands were found to contain microplastics. To help solve this complex issue, S’well and Parley are coming together in a long-term partnership with a common strategic objective: minimize and avoid single-use plastic bottle consumption around the world.


“Today, plastic is everywhere. You find it in snow and rain, it pollutes our air, our food and it intrudes our own bodies, poses a serious threat to human health. Tomorrow, we will be surrounded by future materials which add value to our lives. The ‘For the Oceans’ bottle edition is a symbol and flag for the Material Revolution we are driving, a battle shout to unite, to collaborate, to create a future that allows human life to exist on this magic blue planet.” 

– Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley for the Oceans


“We’ve always believed our product can truly make a difference in the world. This partnership will allow S’well to extend our efforts to rid the world of plastic bottles by supporting Parley’s strategic principles and amazing cleanup program. This is only the beginning of the positive change we’ll achieve together.”

– Sarah Kauss, founder and CEO of S’well


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This partnership will implement and build on the principles of Parley AIR (Avoid. Intercept. Redesign.) — our strategy to end marine plastic pollution and drive a material revolution.



To help end the use of single-use plastic bottles, S’well and Parley will launch a series of S’well x Parley bottles. These will be available at swellbottle.com, starting on World Oceans Day, June 8. Additionally, limited-edition bottles designed by artists, photographers and musicians will be launched.


The purchase of each bottle will fund the removal of 5 pounds of marine plastic waste through the Parley Global Cleanup network. Specifically, operations will focus on Island Nations, a group of small island countries that are especially threatened by a changing ocean and climate, yet also uniquely positioned to lead solutions.


Parley sees the solution to marine plastic pollution in the redesign and replacement of harmful materials, methods and products. To support this vision, the long-term partnership will focus on redesigning the ways we consume water around the world.


Each bottle puts Parley AIR into action, and also supports S’well’s Million Bottle Project and its goal to displace 100 million bottles by 2020.



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