Facing plastic pollution with a nationwide implementation of Parley AIR


In collaboration with government institutions, members of industry, NGOs, schools, volunteers and our global ambassador network, we are implementing the Parley AIR Strategy on inhabited and uninhabited islands throughout the Maldives. Our nationwide pilot program focuses on: reducing plastic use; educating communities and youth; combating pollution with cleanups, recycling and plastic interception programs; and supporting an eco-innovative approach to sustainable development.

Parley Maldives works directly with local groups and island communities to strengthen existing conservation efforts and introduce new programs where necessary. We are currently focused on implementing Parley AIR, intercepting and recycling plastic waste, and educating the next generation.


“We all need to have our passion and our beliefs changed, not just by signing an agreement, but by personally getting involved and protecting our oceans for the future… We are people of the ocean but we have never really felt the ocean. We have taken it for granted. Curriculum change, collection change, and behavior change are all vitally important.”

– Shaahina Ali, Director, Parley Maldives


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Featured Projects


Intercepting Plastic Waste

Parley Maldives works to reduce reliance on single-use plastics, intercept sources of plastic waste, and prevent it from entering the oceans or being disposed of in destructive ways. We’ve introduced plastic interception and baling sites in island communities and more than 70 schools, collaborative cleanups on affected coastlines, and the first-ever recycling center and innovation lab in the capital, Malé.


Implementing Parley AIR

The government of the Republic of the Maldives, businesses and industry leaders, and dozens of local schools have taken the Parley AIR Pledge (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign) to reduce their plastic use, boost recycling, and support the creation of new materials and methods. Participating members join our global network of governments, major brands, industry experts and environmentalists working together to create change.


Inspiring the future

Parley Ocean School programs educate local youth on the state of the oceans and immerse them in the marine environment. Through in-school lectures and experiences on and in the water (e.g. swimming, snorkeling, surfing and stand-up paddle board lessons), Parley empowers Ocean Guardians to be champions of Parley AIR. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, schools and NGOs, our programs have helped more than 100,000 youth and their parents go snorkeling to experience the world beneath the blue surface, many for the very first time.



Thank you to our collaborators




Republic of the Maldives

Ministry of Education

Ghiyasuddin International School - K. Malé

Thaajuddeen School - K. Malé     

Billabong High International School - K. Malé     

Imaduddin School - K. Malé     

Rehendhi School - K. Hulhumalé     

Hiriya School - K. Malé   

Muhyiddin School - K. Villingili School      

Maafushi School - K. Maafushi      

Hamad School - L. Gan      

Fonadhoo School - L. Fonadhoo      

Ihaddhoo School - L. Gan      

Rasdhoo School - AA. Rasdhoo      

Fulidhoo School - V. Fulidhoo      

Dhigurah School - Adh. Dhigurah      

Aminiyya School - K. Malé      

Maalhos School - B. Maalhos      

Kelaa School - Ha. Kelaa      

Gemanafushi School - Ga. Gemanafushi      

Dhaandhoo School - Ga. Dhaandhoo      

Kondey School - Ga. Kondey      

Nilandhoo School - Ga. Nilandhoo      

Jalaaluddhin School - Hdh. Kulhuduffushi      

Afeefuddhin School - Hdh. Kulhuduffushi      

Kulhudhuffushi AEC - Hdh. Kulhuduffushi      

Thulusdhoo School - K. Thulusdhoo   

Gn.  Fuvahmulah AEC - Gn Fuvahmulah      

Hafiz Ahmed School - Gn Fuvahmulah      

Fuvahmulah School - Gn Fuvahmulah      

Mohamed Jamaluddhin School - Gn Fuvahmulah      

Himmafushi School - K. Himmafushi      

Dhiggaru School - M. Dhiggaru      

Huraa School - K. Huraa      

Ghaazee School - K. Hulhumalé

Maldives Polytechnic - K. Malé   

Kalaafaanu School - K. Malé  

Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) - K. Malé

Jamaluddin School - K. Malé    

M. Kolhufushi Madharusa - M. Kolhufushi      

AEC Sh. Komandoo - Sh. Komandoo      

V. Keyodhoo School - V. Keyodhoo     

S. Maradhoo Feydhoo School - S. Maradhoo-Feydhoo      

AA. Thoddoo School - AA. Thoddoo School     

Lh. Hinnavaru School - Lh. Hinnavaru     

Ha. Hoarafushi School - Ha. Hoarafushi      

M. Mulah School - M. Mulah      

F. Dharanboodhoo School - F. Dharanboodhoo     

Hdh. Nolhivaranfaru School - Hdh. Nolhivaranfaru     

Hdh. Nolhivaram School - Hdh. Nolhivaram     

Majeedhiyya School - K. Malé

By the end of 2019, Parley plans to roll out an in-school curriculum across all 217 schools in the Maldives and establish Parley AIR Stations to encourage youth participation in ocean conservation, ensuring the next generation grows up with an understanding of how wondrous, yet fragile, sea life and the oceans are.