Facing marine plastic pollution in a country with one of the longest coastlines in the world


The Parley Global Cleanup Network is an alliance of organizations working together to protect marine environments from the threat of plastic pollution. Through collaborative cleanups, we intercept plastic waste from beaches, remote islands, rivers, mangroves, high seas, and in coastal communities. 

Parley cleanup collaborators and volunteers share our vision for solutions and champion the Parley AIR Strategy. Chile is one of the longest coastlines in the world, measuring 4,270 km from north to south, and one of Parley’s most established operations. Its geography is extremely diverse, yet, regardless of the climate or topography, plastic pollution is a very real problem. Parley Chile has been working in collaboration with both local and global initiatives in order to organize cleanups and implement education initiatives throughout the country. In just the first couple of months of 2019 Parley Chile has collaborated in more than 50 cleanups and hosted more than 1000 volunteers.

Chilean big wave surfer and Parley ambassador, Ramón Navarro, heads up Parley Chile initiatives and the Corona x Parley 100 Islands Protected project in order to preserve Chile’s vibrant surf environment and protect its coastline.


“Studies have shown the importance of nature tourism for Chile — creating a great incentive to protect as much of it as we possibly can. Parley is working on avoiding a catastrophe like the ones that have recently hit the spotlight.”

– Rodrigo Farias Moreno, Director Parley Chile



Featured Projects


Rapa Nui

Parley Chile has collaborated with the local community to intercept marine debris along the Viringa O Tuki coastline of Rapa Nui – also known as Easter Island, as well as implemented a youth education program, Hakarori, in collaboration with local NGO Te Mau o Te Vaikava o, bringing youth out into the water to learn about and immerse in the blue world beneath them.



Voluntarios Por El Océano

Through the Corona x Parley partnership and ‘100 islands protected’ commitments, Parley Chile has reached 1 million square meters cleaned during the 2019 campaign.




Every location brings a new challenge. Cleanups at Isla Lemuy and Isla Quehui in the Chiloé Archipelago provided data that will help inform the strategy for long-term solutions: Parley AIR.



Thank you to our collaborators


Punta de Lobos Foundation 

Explora SUB

Alianza Humboldt

Armada de Chile


Cerveza Corona 

Desafio Chile 

Te Mau o Te Vaikava 

Municipalidad de Pichilemu 

Fundación Rompientes

Fundacion Punta de Lobos

Explora SUB

Olas Limpias 

Protección Oceánica

ONG Terranorte