Educating and empowering the future



We all depend on the oceans. But too few of us get the chance to explore and appreciate their beauty first-hand. Parley Ocean School takes an immersive approach to environmental education with the goal to inspire marine conservation and empower its next generation of leaders: Ocean Guardians.

Parley Ocean School youth programs simplify complex marine threats through engaging materials developed with a global network of educators. Our lessons balance local and global issues, and connect big-picture thinking with immediate impacts to instill in each individual a sense of place and agency within the movement to end today’s biggest marine threats.

Initiatives are led in collaboration with local schools, NGOs and governments. Each program is tailored to support existing curriculum and introduce new and exciting experiences in the marine environment, as well as through the power of sports. In addition to in-school lessons and Parley AIR workshops, we support Ocean Immersion through water-based activities, including: diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing and sailing. 



“People protect what they love,” said Jacques Cousteau. But in order to love something, you need to know it. Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides to to destroy the oceans. Behind every brand, business, global corporation and government is a complex ecosystem comprised of individual decision-makers capable of creating change. Parley Ocean School corporate expeditions provide the foundation for authentic participation in the environmental cause by fostering personal connections to the sea.

The best place to learn about the oceans is in the environment we are fighting to protect. Together with our network of partners, collaborators and ambassadors (including marine experts, scientists, material innovators, explorers, surfers, activists and artists), we develop programs which not only initiate new members to the oceans cause, but inspire each individual to participate on a deeper level. || @parleyxxx