adidas x Parley contest winners



“Every social revolution throughout history has been initiated by passionate individuals...And every social revolution has succeeded when enough individuals exercised the virtues of passion, courage and imagination.”

Captain Paul Watson


On World Oceans Day, June 8, 2016, we presented the first shoe ever made using Parley Ocean Plastic®. It was created with revolutionary innovation, plastic waste intercepted by our global cleanup network, and illegal gillnets recovered from the high seas by Sea Shepherd Global during Operation Icefish, a record-breaking mission to protect sea life in the Southern Ocean.

So much has happened behind the scenes since our announcement last June at the United Nations, but it’s still only the beginning of our journey to save the oceans.

Every second breath we take is generated by life in the sea. We must protect it as if our lives depend on it. Because they do. Rather than release the shoes for purchase, we asked the game-changers around the world to help us deliver this vital message.


50 pairs of shoes were available for people to earn by pledging Parley A.I.R., joining the movement and becoming ambassadors for the cause. The contest was not about winning shoes, it was a reminder and invitation to be part of the solution — a call to action to learn the facts and have the courage to share and act on them. Everyone who answered this call is a winner.

We received hundreds of submissions from ocean defenders around the world. In the end, we selected 50 supporters that shared their message with personality, authenticity, and creativity.

Thank you to everyone who created a video. If you didn’t earn a pair of shoes this time, your voice is still crucial to our mutual mission. Stay tuned for more opportunities to support the movement. In the meantime, keep owning your impact and living #ParleyAIR.


Together we can save our ocean.





Akemi Natt - ekononom

Albert Dexter - albie_dex

Antoine Maurice - antoine_moritz

Arisa Yoon - arisayoon

Bethany Martin - bthanyrose

Carl Joisce - i_bring_joisce

Charlotte  Norsworthy - charlottenorsworthy

Chris Bentley - chrisbentleyphotography

Christoph Kramer - c.kramero

Daria Novikova -


Elliot Stiassny - estiassny

Elliott Earnshaw - elliott_006

Estevan Gonzalez - estevan_g

Evstigneev Leonid - naisen_wan

Gabriel Kao - gnarled

George Boneillo - gboneillo

Glen McClellan - justiceforourseas

Hannah Lister - penguinchic2011

Imani Maxberry - maxberries

J. Mia Tsui - zetabae

Jack Donald-McDowall - _jack_dm_

Jack Habib - jackhthrash

Jack Salero - jacksalero

JM Walters - jm_walters


Josep Gomis - isgomis

Joshua Alberto Castillo - joshcastilo

Kelly Inglesant - kelly_marie_inglesant

Mary Vincelle C. Yasa - vincelle.y

Michelle Peng - wakaflockapeng

Miriam Herbert - mimher

Mr. Fan Yuancheng    

Mr. Su Jing    

Myriam Carola S. - myriamcarola

Natalia Lorca Ruiz - natalia_lorca

Nathan Dwi Kusnadi - nathandwi

Nora Steger - noriakikasaiai

Olesya Besperstova - olesyabesperstova

Owen Fisher - Naturesdepth

Puriya Mirzamohammadi - puriyapop

Reiss Salustro - v11.rsp 

Robert George Estes - robert__estes

Romain Ligeron - romsnow

Ryan Donnelly - outbackcharlie

T Y  Wong - jemuelwong

Thijs Hamers - thijshamers2

Thomas Stuart - stu.thomas

Valerie Pietsch - valpietsch

Wasupon Krasaetanont - sonearn

Yohanes Kevin Hendrawan - ykhendrawan



Winners will be contacted with more details and next steps.


Read more here.


We are building this movement together.

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