Nature — Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial

To design a better world, follow nature


Parley is proud to be included among contributors to an expansive, future-oriented display of creative collaboration, now on view at Cooper Hewitt and the Cube design museum. This exhibition shows us how we can take inspiration from the world’s greatest designer, Nature, as we work together to fight climate change, protect the oceans, and build a better world.

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“Co-operation between design, science and technology thus can turn the tide for our planet.”

– Hans Gubbels, director of Cube

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The exhibit shows how scientists have recreated the scent of extinct flowers, how designers can create materials that mimic natural structures, and how craftspeople can reclaim plastic waste for new materials and rethink every element of a product’s purpose and lifecycle. Parley for the Oceans is there alongside adidas, showcasing shoes designed and made with Ocean Plastic®, as well as Futurecraft.LOOP, the world’s first fully recyclable shoe. Each product represents a symbol of change in the movement to end marine plastic pollution.

Taken together, more than 60 projects show how collaboration between scientists, engineers, environmentalists, academics and other stakeholders can lead to change.

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“Solutions will not emerge without radical new thinking and alliances.”

– Caroline Baumann, director of Cooper Hewitt



The exhibit is on view May 10, 2019 — January 20, 2020, at both Cooper Hewitt in New York City, and the Cube design museum in the Netherlands.