Plastic doesn’t belong in our oceans


In honor of Earth Day, Corona x Parley joined forces with Academy Award nominated animator Adam Pessane, better-known as PES, to release a stop-motion animation illustrating the dangers of marine plastic pollution on marine wildlife and the paradises we are working to protect.

Each year 100,000 marine mammals are killed by marine pollution. 90 percent of seabirds and more than half the world’s sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs. Dead whales wash ashore with bellies full of our trash. Marine life that has thrived for millions of years in the oceans is now threatened by our actions and design failures. Awareness is growing, yet 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution still enter the world’s oceans every year – a truckload every minute. Earth Day provides a moment to reflect on the impact this plastic has on wildlife and our own well-being.  


Watch “The Fish” now:


“When we launched our partnership with Corona in 2017, we promised to clean up plastic pollution from 100 islands by 2020. We reached our goal last year and are now extending our clean-up efforts to hundreds of beaches all over the world. We are inviting everyone to participate, joining our collaboration platform to support the movement. To protect life. Because every piece of plastic we can intercept from a beach is a victory, so it doesn't end up in the belly of an animal or in our own body.”

– Cyrill Gutsch, founder, Parley


Through our 100 Islands Protected initiative, the Corona x Parley partnership has conducted over 519 clean-ups with 25,808 volunteers in over 15 countries to date

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