Parley Ambassadors and young activists are circumnavigating Bali on a recycled bamboo raft to bring awareness to marine plastic pollution and celebrate communities leading the resistance


“Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with only ocean surrounding us. So we also have a big responsibility to protect it. Time is ticking, change has never been more important than right now...”

- Melati Wijsen, Parley Youth Ambassador  


Using a raft powered entirely by nature, a crew of Parley ambassadors and young activists are circumnavigating the island of Bali on an expedition led by Make A Change World in collaboration with Parley. Six young innovators — including Bali-raised filmmaking brothers Gary and Sam Bencheghib, and Parley Youth Ambassador Melati Wijsen of Bye Bye Plastic Bags — will document and highlight local optimism and efforts to rid the island of plastic and protect the beauty for which Bali is known. The expedition, Keliling BALI, will educate communities on the dangers of marine pollution, celebrate the resistance and bring global attention to inspiring examples of activism.

The improper disposal and overproduction of single-use plastics has led the once pristine beaches of Bali to a crisis state, or "garbage emergency." Communities across Bali have rallied together and structured their own approach to dealing with beaches blanketed in plastic. Leaders from Bye Bye Plastic Bags, One Island One Voice and other young activists are now setting out to pay homage to the plastic resistance in hopes of inspiring more action in the fight against marine plastic pollution.

With the help of Parley, the Keliling Bali team will be hosting community gatherings and beach clean ups to educate locals on the dangers plastics pose to the oceans and human health — while documenting the inspiring ways people are already coming together to create change for the oceans.

The expedition will champion our mutual strategy to end marine plastic pollution: Parley AIR (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign), raising awareness about the current state of the oceans and in turn, spark a greater change for the future of our oceans.



“With all these great initiatives already taking place, we want to highlight their work and seek to inspire others to make a change. We hope that through traveling on boat 100% powered by nature, we can engage in a conversation around plastic pollution island-wide.”

- Sam Bencheghib, co-founder, Make A Change World



Meet the Crew:

Parley Ambassador and co-founder of Make A Change World, leader of expedition

Parley Ambassador and co-founder of Make A Change World, boat construction leader

Parley Youth Ambassador and co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags and One Island One Voice,
leads global youth organization to eradicate plastic bags and to clean the beaches of Bali


The skipper

Founder of Divers Clean Action, will sample microplastics
and map rivers in partnership with Indonesia Institute of Science

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