“If we don’t drastically change our thinking and our actions, the only place we will get to see what is in the oceans, will be at the museum. One problem – we won’t be here to enjoy the displays…”

David LaChapelle



On January 2014, Parley hosted a conversation between Captain Paul Watson and American artist David LaChappelle to discuss the growing concerns related to pollution from single-use plastics. Hosted in the screening room at Neuehouse, an eclectic group of artists, activists, and members of the creative community attended and discussed the far reaching impacts that plastic pollution is having on the oceans. 

LaChapelle gave attendees insight on the inspiration for his new work and exhibition LAND SCAPE,  comprised of two photographic series:  Refineries and Gas Stations. Here he uses these materials to illustrate how repurposing materials from our every day lives can lead to future sustainability of resources. Both Captain Paul Watson and David LaChappelle announced their commitment to The Vortex Project.



As a commercial photographer David molded the fashion world and turned heirs, actors, musicians, models into celebrities. working as a fine art photographer he reflects his career in a humorous and social critical way. Living in Maui on a farm, nature became a big subject of his art.



Paul co-founded Greenpeace with Robert Hunter, founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation society in 1977, and has been an activist for over 40 years. His work is recognized and supported by the best minds and feared by his opponents. He joined the conference live via skype from one of his ships on the sea.


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