Two days of creativity, basketball and the oceans


During the 2018 NBA All-Star weekend, adidas held a two-day celebration of basketball culture at ROW DTLA in Los Angeles. The event, called 747 Warehouse St, brought together creators from the worlds of sports, music, fashion and design for exclusive product drops, customization, panel discussions, competitions and more. To represent the oceans and rally new champions for the cause, we created an adidas x Parley experience focused on the beauty and fragility of the oceans, and ways to take part in protecting what we all love.


Coral Installation

Using content from Coral Morphologic, we created an immersive installation that put eyes on the beauty of the world’s corals, and generated awareness for their imperiled state.



Parley Ocean Plastic™  

By spinning a threat into thread, we transform a problem into progress. Upcycling marine plastic debris into a range of materials creates a cycle of collaboration and eco-innovation that helps move us forward on the path to longer-term solutions. Exclusive adidas x Parley product drops and an Ocean Plastic conveyor belt gave a behind-the-scenes look at how we turn intercepted plastic waste into a fleet of symbols for the cause.



Precious Plastic

In collaboration with Precious Plastic LA, we created an on-site DIY recycling machine where visitors could create their own keychains from the problem we’re working to correct: plastic.


Parley AIR Pledge

We asked the 747 Warehouse St community why they want to protect the oceans. They answered with video statements. You can view them here:


Thank you to everyone who contributed to help us bring the oceans to 747 Warehouse St, and to everyone who pledged to join the cause.

Learn more about the collaboration at || @parleyxxx