Intercepted Underwater: 2 tons of waste, old tires, a fridge and a motorbike


The plastic waste we can easily see and retrieve from shorelines represents a small fraction of a much larger issue. Marine plastic pollution can be difficult to visualize, in part because much of the plastic waste and debris that enters the oceans sinks to the bottom. Underwater cleanups allow us to remove threats to the seabed and marine life that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Parley is now supporting cleanups in the Mediterranean in collaboration with by MEDSEA Foundation, who has built a network of passionate people working across 20 different islands and 9 different countries in the basin.


The most recent cleanup event supported by Parley was held in Split, Croatia, on the occasion of Coast Day with local partners, PAP/RAC and UPA Rostrum. Where 2 tons of waste were removed in under two hours. The diving team found everything ranging from old tires, to a fridge, and even a motorbike underwater. National TV documented the action on site.

Mediterranean beaches are known for their remarkable beauty, a unique cultural heritage, and exceptional biodiversity. They attract millions of tourists every year, yet they are also fragile and very sensitive to human impacts and climate change. Unlike other regions, debris in Mediterranean beaches does not accumulate on the shore, therefore, cleanup efforts in the area include diving and paddle boarding teams that can intercept waste directly from the water.