Corona x Parley: Chile Beach Clean Series

 Voluntarios Por El Océano


Chile has one of the longest coastlines in the world. Its seaside stretches around 6,435 km. As part of the Corona x Parley partnership, a series of beach cleanups are taking place from north to south and across the country. The collaborative Voluntarios Por El Océano initiative aims to inspire individuals in Chile and beyond to take action to protect the oceans and become ambassadors for change within their communities.


The ongoing beach clean series kicked off January 2018 in Arica, where Parley collaborators, including big wave surfer Ramon Navarro, teamed up with local volunteers to intercept plastic waste, educate communities on the impacts of marine plastic pollution and explore ways we can all be part of the solution through Parley AIR: Avoid. Intercept. Redesign. In 2019 alone 1 million m2 were cleaned during the initial months of the Corona x Parley campaign.

Plastic waste recovered through cleanup efforts is being diverted from landfill and ultimately given new life in uses that help progress the global movement. Alongside the cleanups, Voluntarios Por El Océano is engaging thousands across Chile and beyond through Corona Sunset Festivals, awareness campaigns and educational programs.