Parley Ocean School: Collaborating to Empower U.K. Youth


In addition to supporting Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) as a community building partner, we’re collaborating to educate and empower the future of ocean advocacy through activations of Parley Ocean School in the U.K.'s coastal communities. 

SAS x Parley Ocean School is an immersive, hands-on education program designed to raise students’ awareness of marine plastic pollution through experiences in the field (e.g. the beach). Our collaborative Ocean School programs provide students with opportunities to explore, investigate and respond to the environment that surrounds them. Graduates of Ocean School programs are inspired to become Ocean Guardians, official advocates and ambassadors of Parley AIR. The curriculum is designed to raise awareness of the plastic pollution crisis and, more importantly, connect students to a sense of wonder and place along their local stretch of coastline. In turn, they are empowered to identify and embrace the vital part they can play in protecting the oceans — their future. 


See Parley Ocean School initiatives in the Maldives and Jamaica || @parleyxxx