SIMA Awards: 2017 Environmentalist of the Year

“We need to give back to the gift that keeps giving, and that is the ocean.” Paul Naude, president of the SIMA Environmental Fund

Parley founder Cyrill Gutsch was honored in this year's Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) Awards at the 28th Annual Waterman’s Ball, where he was named 2017 Environmentalist of the Year. The event also honored surf icons Herbie Fletcher (Lifetime Achievement Award), Bethany Hamilton (Waterman of the Year), and gave special recognition to Fernando Aguerre, President of the International Surfing Association, who fought to get surfing in the 2020 Olympics.

During the ceremony, Parley Ambassador, big wave surfer, and 2011 Waterman of the Year Greg Long presented Cyrill and the vision of Parley — that by uniting different groups and people in collaborative solutions and creating new ways of doing business led by eco-innovation, we can fight marine plastic pollution and end the threats to our life support system. The key is working together. Thank you, SIMA, for recognizing Cyrill, Parley, and the work of this growing movement. 

"It is very special to receive an award from the industry that knows our oceans best—the icons and legends who have and continue to set the precedent. Surfers are the true ocean ambassadors and the natural champions of our cause. I'm grateful to SIMA and the surf community for the recognition, which belongs equally to the network of partners and supporters who are building Parley along with us. I'm proud of what we've achieved, how fast this movement is growing, but the true challenge is ahead of us. Let's collaborate, eco innovate and create our future together."

Cyrill Gutsch


About the SIMA Awards

Established in 2003, the SIMA Awards is the only awards program that gives SIMA members and surf specialty retailers the opportunity to recognize fellow surf industry companies for their outstanding contributions to the surf industry. The goal of the SIMA Awards is to identify the surf industry’s most influential companies and recognize them for their efforts to advance and grow the industry over the past year. 


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