Corona x Parley x WSL: The movement goes to Jeffreys Bay

Parley AIR and Ocean Plastic™ at Corona Open J-Bay


In partnership with Corona (AB-InBev) and the WSL, we brought the Parley AIR Strategy to Jeffreys Bay for the 2017 Corona Open J-Bay, where we introduced the first-ever jerseys made from Parley Ocean Plastic™. During the Corona Highline event, surfers Matt Wilkinson, Jordy Smith, Conner Coffin, and Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz competed wearing jerseys made from upcycled plastic waste intercepted through Parley operations.


Throughout the competition, surfers, spectators, and members of the J-Bay and WSL communities joined the movement by taking the Parley AIR Pledge to Avoid, Intercept, and Redesign plastic. Each pledger made a personal commitment for the oceans as part of the Corona x Parley mission to protect 100 islands against marine plastic pollution by 2020.


Parley ambassadors Greg Long and Ramon Navarro gave Parley Talks on the threat of marine plastic pollution, what we’re doing with partners like Corona to help stop it, and how they envision their role within the movement for solutions

The oceans are good to us. We’re trying to return the favor. Thank you to everyone who supported the movement at J-Bay.


Watch Corona X Parley ambassadors explain why they’re joining the movement

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Take the Parley AIR Pledge


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