Intel brings advanced technology and artificial intelligence to SnotBot® expeditions

How do you collect biological data from a whale without altering the data itself? It's difficult to accurately gauge a cetacean's stress level if the research method is stressful for the animal. And once you have data, how do synthesize information to spread awareness, open minds, and strengthen protections?

Whales harbor secrets about the life-giving yet increasingly threatened realm they inhabit. One way to collect these secrets: SnotBot®, a drone-enabled research device that hovers over surfacing whales and benignly collects mucus rich in biological data. Together with Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO of Ocean Alliance, a team of experts, and now Intel, we're dedicated to advancing whale research and education to better protect whales and the oceans that sustain them (and ultimately humans) through a series of SnotBot expeditions. 

Dr. Iain Kerr presented SnotBot® at the World Oceans Day celebration of the UN Ocean Conference, June 8, 2017

Dr. Iain Kerr presented SnotBot® at the World Oceans Day celebration of the UN Ocean Conference, June 8, 2017

The SnotBot® team has led successful research missions in Patagonia, the Sea of Cortez, and Alaska, collecting biological samples from several species of whales, along with breathtaking footage of the animals in their natural habitat. Having proven the effectiveness and incredible potential of SnotBot®, we're excited to now scale up and strengthen data collection and analysis with Intel technology. 



With its smart and connected technologies, artificial intelligence, and real-time data analytics, Intel is supporting data-gathering research and future SnotBot® expeditions. Its expertise and advanced tools will allow marine biologists and other experts on the ship to focus on the data, the subject, and making more timely decisions to inform the immediate mission. Together we can better understand and protect the long-term health of whales and the oceans, and in turn that of the humans who rely on both. 



Learn more about the role of Intel tech in Parley SnotBot® expeditions. Snotbot® is a registered trademark of Ocean Alliance. US footage filmed under NMFS permit 18636-01. || @parleyxxx