Auction to Support Parley Ocean Defense Fund


Exclusive artwork, experience and product up for online auction


In conjunction with the launch of the Parley Ocean Defense Fund and in support of its initiatives, an auction will be hosted on Paddle8 between from 12 p.m. (EST) December 6th to 12 p.m. December 20th.

Available items and experiences include:


Limited-edition artwork by legendary artist Ed Ruscha

The artwork is a limited-edition surfboard customized by contemporary artist Ed Ruscha, as inspired by his original painting “The amazing earth“ (1984). The board at auction is the first of a limited-edition of 20 to be released, each numbered and signed by the artist.

Ruscha’s words often arise from some inscrutable context and they come along with elusiveness. There are open hints of the transcendental, like where and how is the condition of place and relation of humans in nature and the world? Ruscha's works often refer to urban, American life and culture, but also in this case, to our mutual, amazing Earth.

Art is the universal language, therefore the artist is at the core of the Parley movement. Equally vital to the mission is a group that knows the oceans like no others: the surf industry. This board unites the worlds of art and surfing as a messenger for the cause. It is a symbol and call for the eco-innovation, creativity and collaboration that can protect our oceans.

Parley collaborator Firewire is at the forefront of innovation in the surf industry. Using their Timbertec Eco-board for this artwork is a symbol for change as this surfboard is made with sustainably sourced wood, which reduces foam, resin and fiberglass use.



Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha was born on December 16, 1937 in Omaha, Nebraska. His family moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1941. In 1956, Ruscha moved to Los Angeles, where he attended Chouinard Art Institute, from which he graduated in 1960. Ruscha’s early paintings attracted notice as part of the Pop art movement of the 1960s; his art also has antecedents in Dada, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism, and would be central to Conceptual art. His work includes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, artist’s books, and films, and is in the collections of major national and international museums. Ruscha lives and works in Los Angeles. He is represented by Gagosian Gallery.



First adidas x Parley running shoe

The shoe that got the world running for the oceans and became a symbol for the power of creative collaboration. The shoe is created from illegal gill nets intercepted from the Southern Ocean by Sea Shepherd during their record-breaking Operation Icefish anti-poaching campaign. The original prototype of the shoe was presented in 2015 at the Parley Talks “Oceans. Climate. Life” hosted by the President of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York.

Since then, the shoe has captured the world’s imagination generating thousands of stories and global media attention.  It was also featured  in the Brooklyn Museum exhibition: The Rise of Sneaker Culture and was one of the nominees of the London Design Museum's Beazley Designs of the Year in 2016.



Exclusive experience to join Parley SnotBot® expedition in the Sea of Cortez

Parley SnotBot® is a project that is transforming whale research methods, and our understanding of the whales themselves. Using drone technology, Dr. Iain Kerr, Parley Chief Scientist, is capturing samples of whale DNA (by intercepting snot exhaled in the air) without disturbing the animals and at a rate never before seen in the marine conservation field. Join Parley for a once-in-a-lifetime trip in March 2018 to Mexico's Sea of Cortez and be part of an expedition to collect data on the largest animals on Earth: blue whales.



The auction will be hosted on Paddle8 from 12 p.m. (EST) December 6th to 12 p.m. December 20th .

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