Redesign — Your Perspective, Your Life, Your World

Avoid plastic wherever possible.

Intercept plastic waste.

Redesign your life.



The first two pillars of Parley AIR are relatively straightforward and easier to apply to day-to-day life. Redesign, however, confronts the complexity of the issue. What does ‘redesign’ mean in the real world, to both designers and non-designers? How can you take part?



One way to shift minds and hearts is through immersion in a foreign environment, like the oceans. But not everyone has access to the beach. One thing all (or most) of us do have is access to powerful tools and technology that allow us to instantly connect to new people and ideas, and to share our own stories. No generation before ours has had this advantage. Parley AIR is about harnessing it to create change, in whatever way you can.


Every member of the Parley community can speak to a certain encounter, conversation, moment or series of events that shifted their perspective and ultimately changed their life. Sometimes it’s a mind bomb of information that rattles consciousness and tugs at the conscience. Or maybe it’s a life-changing experience that alters the way you perceive the world around you and the role you play within it — something that makes it personal and moves you to act.

There are simple steps we can all take to avoid and clean up plastic pollution. But to solve this for good, we must focus on the source.

‘Redesign’ is your invitation to question and view the world anew.







“I suggest to everyone: Look in the mirror. Ask yourself: Who are you? What are your talents? Use them, and do what you love.”

Sylvia Earle



In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing inspiration and real-life applications of Redesign from the Parley network. We want you to join the conversation:

  • Share a moment, memory or thought that changed the way you see things.
  • Post your reflection on Instagram. Mirror selfies welcome, creativity encouraged. Make it yours and personalize the caption.

  • Use the connecting hashtags: #shiftyourperspective #ParleyAIR


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