“When you’re talking about losing all of nature, it’s not a spectator sport anymore. Everybody has to become active somehow.”


Scientists have confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that we've entered the sixth mass extinction event. They’ve also confirmed we humans are largely to blame. We will be our own asteroid if we continue on the present course of destruction. To our credit, our species has the tools, knowledge and volition to turn this thing around. But first, we need a wake-up call — or a motivating “weapon of mass construction.” Louie Psihoyos uses covert operations and cameras to provide exactly that in his latest film, Racing Extinction

It may be difficult to confront the realities of mass species die-offs, but it's impossible to ignore the truth once it's illuminated on a screen or projected onto the world's most iconic buildings. Parley is collaborating with Louie and Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) to help take this message further and demonstrate to the world the collective impact of our individual actions.