“We are a visual species. If we see something, we respond to it. And the problem with ocean pollution is there is no smoking gun. ”


Dr. Iain Kerr, Parley Chief Science Officer and CEO of Ocean Alliance, has spent the last couple decades using unobtrusive methods to better understand the oceans and its inhabitants, focusing especially on the largest living barometers of marine health: whales. At Parley Wall Street, he shares key findings from the Voyage of the Odyssey, a 5 ½-year journey of 87,000 nautical miles spent collecting the first-ever global data set on toxic contaminants by studying the sperm whale.

Iain first met Roger Payne at his whale camp in the 1980's and has worked with him ever since. As the CEO of Ocean Alliance, Iain has led research expeditions all over the globe. Under Roger and Iain’s stewardship, Ocean Alliance has been a critical group in the worldwide effort to research and protect whales and sea life for the benefit of the oceans, as well as human health. Iain now brings this expertise to game-changing whale research expeditions as the lead of Parley SnotBot® expeditions.

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