Creators, explorers and futurists come together to launch a new chapter in our understanding of 'Deep Space' 


To launch the Parley Deep Space Agency, leaders from the ocean, space, science and creative communities came together in May 2016 for a series of Parley Talks and Collaboration Sessions held at the iconic Chemosphere house in the Hollywood Hills and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. The event marked the beginning of a new chapter in the ways we explore and protect the oceans.

Held in collaboration with Dazed media, the workshop brought together a diverse group of creators, "futurists" and explorers — ranging from NASA astrophysicists to cultural curators — to examine the increasingly intertwined worlds of art and science as both a reflection of humanity and necessary medium for ensuring its survival. During the launch event, select thought leaders presented new projects and shared visions for the future of our evolving relationship with the first and final frontier: deep space — the oceans. 


Speakers and hosts:

NASA JPL, MAY 21, 2016

Cyrill Gutsch, founder Parley for the Oceans

Jefferson Hack, co-founder Dazed Media

Charles Elachi, Director, NASA JPL

Dimitar Sasselov, NASA Exoplanets

Adam Stelzner, NASA Mars

Ed Stone, NASA Solar System Exploration

Michelle Gierach, NASA, Coral Reef

Josh Willis, NASA Sea level Rise

Dava Newman, MIT professor, former NASA Deputy Administrator

Hans-Ulrich Obrist, artistic director Serpentine Gallery

Daniel Arsham, artist

Ben Lerner, writer/poet

Rachel Rose, artist

Kevin McGarry, curator

Louie Psihoyos, filmmaker



Less than five percent of the oceans has been seen by human eyes. How can we make sense of outer space without knowledge of the life that exists here, concealed in the depths, beneath the surface? Comparative analysis is imperative to scientific investigation. So is the power of imagination. The Parley Deep Space Agency will build on this narrative by bringing groundbreaking technology, knowledge sharing and multidisciplinary perspectives together in new ways through projects to explore and protect the oceans.