The Prince of Wales Endorses adidas x Parley

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the world is changing.”


In his keynote address at the 2016 Accounting for Sustainability Annual Summit, HRH The Prince of Wales cites the adidas x Parley collaboration as an example of the kind of eco innovation and thinking we can and must employ to transform the current path of destruction into one of solutions. Through bold action and collaboration, we can safeguard our future on this planet. 

“Any risk can present an opportunity, and more and more governments, businesses and investors are acting in concert to deliver the kind of innovation that just might provide the solutions we so desperately need. The risks we face are growing, but it seems that the scale of innovation is also accelerating at a pace.”

Prince Charles


Read the full speech here.

Watch the video here: 

(see 8:15 for adidas x Parley reference) || @parleyxxx