We've teamed up with TBA21 and Alligator Head Foundation to bring Parley A.I.R. to Jamaica. The goal: end ocean plastic pollution through the power of art, community, and sports.


No ecosystem on this planet is free from the impacts of ocean plastic pollution. The beaches of Jamaica are no exception. Caribbean waters and lush islands known for their beauty and teeming biodiversity are now threatened by preventable litter and debris — most of which is plastic. This new reality threatens the health, culture, livelihoods, and future of island nations across the globe. Together we can turn things around.

In March 2016, we kicked off a collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21-Academy) and Alligator Head Foundation to end ocean plastic pollution in Jamaica through the arts, community, sports, and implementation of the Parley A.I.R. Strategy. The partnership launched with a community beach cleanup and Parley Ocean League kick-off football tournament during the first TBA21 The Current Convening, “The Kula Ring: a Gifting Economy.”

The Alligator Head Foundation (AHF) was established by TBA21 to manage and support the East Portland Fish Sanctuary and develop projects to assist the communities dependent on marine resources for their livelihood. Through this partnership, AHF joins the Parley Global Cleanup Network and pledges to implement Parley A.I.R. (Avoid. Intercept. Redesign.), with the long-term goal of ending the cycle of pollution in Jamaica through collaboration across the creative industries and initiatives driving education, awareness, direct action, and eco innovation.

The launch of TBA21 x Parley coincided with the official inauguration of the East Portland Fish Sanctuary, as part of a long-term, collaborative commitment to protect Jamaica’s coastal resources and marine ecosystems.


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Engaging the Future in the Solution

Plastic never dies, therefore a beach cleanup never ends at the beach. As one community member explained, “it’s about cleaning our minds so we don’t continue to add to the litter.” By recycling plastics collected during beach cleanups, we can remove immediate threats to marine life, restore the health and beauty of coastal ecosystems, cut into the fossil fuel-intensive production of virgin plastic, and most importantly, inspire and empower communities to action.

In just one afternoon, more than 200 volunteers intercepted over 300 lbs of debris from a Port Antonio beach. The following day, cleanup participants competed in a football tournament, the Beach Cleanup Cup, staying hydrated with reusable water bottles. Participation in the beach cleanup was required to earn entry into the games. 

Together with TBA21 and Alligator Head Foundation we will build on this foundation and develop systems that can enhance and beautify the region’s beaches through improved infrastructure, more active cleanups, and hands-on, experiential learning in the field. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in the March cleanup and football tournament. And to our partners TBA21 and adidas Latin America for their support in helping us educate and motivate the next generation of Jamaica’s Parley A.I.R. ambassadors and ocean legends.


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