Commentary by Cyrill Gutsch, Founder, Parley for the Oceans


We are so good at killing. So good at exploiting. So good at taking. So good at fighting for our advantages. And so close to our own extinction. Every second breath we take is generated by the oceans. And still, we are polluting the system our lives depend on. We are polluting it with plastic, with poorly designed materials and harmful substances. We are eating it up, heating it up, tilting it. We are at war with nature. And if we win, we lose it all.

Mankind will not live on a planet with a dead sea.

There is light. We are able to love. We are equipped with endless imagination, which empowers us to turn the wildest thoughts into reality. There is probably no better time to live. We are at the border between old ways of economic thinking, driven by thoughts like 'endless supply,' 'throwing away,' 'taking it all,' 'total control' — and even if it feels like these ways have such a strong grip on us, the new is coming. Nobody can stop it.

Because our air is threatened. And there is no stronger motivation, no stronger wish, no stronger desire within us than to live. Our lives are in danger. And even people who don't care for the magic blue universe beneath us, for the creatures who allow us to be here, even these people will understand it very soon. They feel it already. Everybody does.

Digital was the last big trend. It gave us the creative tools and networks. Our desire to live, to survive drives the next big wave. And it will cause the strongest and wildest, the most painful of all economic revolutions. It will completely reshape the way we live on and with this planet. And it leads to a new super trend: Eco Innovation. We will completely redesign our economy, our products, our lives. And it will help us to survive and to live in sync, in harmony with nature.

Let's invent our way out of his mess. No government, no bureaucracy will do it for us.


We are the new resistance.

For the Oceans || @parleyxxx