Jacques Cousteau said we protect what we love. How can we expect the next generation to love and protect something they don’t know and understand? Experiential learning on, in, and near marine ecosystems defines the curriculum of Parley Ocean School.


Education is the surest investment we can make in our future, especially when that education is based on the exploration and conservation of our life support system. Imperative to the long-term success of the Parley AIR Strategy—and health of our planet in general—is a well informed and motivated future generation.

As an initiative under our Ocean Plastic Program, Parley Ocean School aims to inspire a new class of Ocean Guardians and equip them with the knowledge and experience they need to be leaders in their communities and for the environmental cause.  

Following the launch of Parley Ocean School Rio, held in collaboration with Projeto Grael during the Summer Olympic Games, we kicked off the program’s next session in Jamaica, in partnership with Alligator Head Foundation.

Around the world, too many youth grow up just steps from the shore without ever getting the opportunity to explore and appreciate the beauty beneath the surface. In some water-dependent island countries (e.g. fishing villages and popular tourist destinations), the majority of the local population may never even learn how to swim. When the underwater world remains unknown, it also often goes unprotected.

Parley Ocean School in Jamaica will build on our collaborative efforts with TBA21-Academy and Alligator Head Foundation to address  the threat of marine plastic pollution in the island nation. The program launched in October 2016 with a session consisting of lessons from the experts, creative brainstorms, and hands-on, fully immersive experiences in the ultimate classroom: the sea.

Key highlights and lessons:

  • Dr. Iain Kerr of Ocean Alliance presented SnotBot and Parley Deep Space expeditions, demonstrating how eco innovation in drone technology is changing the ways we observe and understand whales.
  • Students got to explore their blue classroom via snorkeling and and stand-up paddle boarding, thanks to our partners and friends at Starboard SUP.
  • Breakout sessions included creative brainstorms along the Parley A.I.R. Challenge, inviting students to identify and implement ways to Avoid, Intercept, and Redesign plastic waste.
  • Wayne J performed ‘Plastic Bottles', an original song putting Parley AIR into perspective. Watch an earlier performance of it here.


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