"Stop Plastic Pollution": Florian Schneider for the Oceans

The muscian supports Parley with a new electronic ode to the oceans




Florian Schneider is demonstrating how music can raise awareness and reach the human conscience with “Stop Plastic Pollution”, a new track created to support Parley initiatives. Florian premiered the track onstage during ‘Parley x COP21: Oceans. Climate. Life.’ on December 8 in Paris — dressed in recycled plastic. Naturally. 

To create the new track, Florian worked with Belgian sound engineer Dan Lacksman of Telex to record water drop samples in a bathroom in Brussels. The drops mutate into the sound of a tiny plastic ball, interweaving with a rushing synthetic wave. For the vocals, he keeps the message simple and clear:



"Stop plastic pollution in the oceans...save the fish...keep your planet clean."



As a co-founder of Kraftwerk, Florian helped shape music as we know it—or hear it—today. In collaboration with Parley, Florian’s lending his talents to the cause, blending art, electronics and unique beats to help give the oceans a voice in mainstream culture. 


Listen to “Stop Plastic Pollution” here:




Read Florian’s interview with Dazed here.


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