“Today there is too much knowledge to be held by one person, one country, one company. We need to be all together. We need an amazing, harmonious concert of brains, knowledge, means. We need to make the most beautiful network of good will to save the ocean. That’s what Parley understands.” 

Patricia Ricard


Parley Talks and Collaboration Sessions, Les Bains, Paris

December 8 - 9, 2015

The most pivotal outcome of COP21 is not an agreement on climate action, but the action itself. We already have the tools, the knowledge and the motivation. Together we can use them to rewrite the rules.

What we call ‘planet Earth’ is in fact ‘planet Ocean’. More than seven-tenths of the earth’s surface is covered in water. The oceans regulate the climate, house 99% of the biosphere, control the weather and provide oxygen for every other breath we take. Life exists above the blue surface because of the life beneath it. And yet, we treat this blue treasure as the common dumping grounds.

On December 12, 2015, 195 nations reached an unprecedented agreement on climate change, recognizing 1.5°C as a significantly safer defense line than 2°C to avoid the worst impacts of global warming. The successful conclusion of COP21 in an unprecedented climate deal is a huge victory for the future of the planet, but alone it’s not enough to protect it. Words are just words until they’re ratified and turned into actions — and any effort will ultimately prove futile without due focus on the planet’s largest carbon sink, most effective heat trap and most important ecosystem. This message guides 'Oceans. Climate. Life.', a series of events we launched at the United Nations on June 29, 2015, and continued in Paris this December.

While negotiations wrapped up in Le Bourget, France, Parley turned the legendary Les Bains into a collaboration space for ‘Parley x COP21: Oceans. Climate. Life.’ The two-day, live-streamed summit included Parley Talks hosted by Cyrill Gutsch and Jefferson Hack (co-founder of Dazed Media), and presented by David de Rothschild (founder of The Lost Explorer). On Dec. 9, a series of Collaboration Sessions led by the experts brought critical attention to the topics of ocean plastic pollution, overfishing and sea slavery, and ways we can work together to end the threats.

To safeguard our future, we need to steer the conversation away from the hypothetical and towards building and implementing actual, realistic solutions — the concrete steps we must take now to protect and conserve this planet's lifeblood. Humanity is facing an ecological crisis, but as Sylvia Earle told the audience, "never has there been more reason for hope." We're equipped with more knowledge and stronger tools than ever before to affect change. We created this mess. We can fix it. We are stronger together than we are alone.


During the summit, the Parley Collaborator Network presented their visions, initiatives, projects, inventions and solutions.

Key highlights and announcements included:


  • adidas x Parley: we unveiled our second footwear concept innovation, a 3D-printed Futurecraft midsole made from Ocean Plastic®

  • Parley x TBA21: a collaboration with TBA21 The Current and Doug Aitken that will combine the powers of art, science and activism.

  • Parley x Psyop: an undersea Oculus Rift VR experience that brings Captain Paul Watson’s memories to life, and greater awareness to the beauty and fragility of the ocean realm.

  • “Stop Plastic Pollution”: Florian Schneider, co-founder of Kraftwerk, created an electronic ode to the oceans.

  • Racing Extinction: David de Rothschild reported live from the Vatican City during the Dec. 8 Racing Extinction projections on St. Peter’s Basilica.

  • A full vegan menu prepared by Les Bains two-star Michelin chef, Philippe Labbé






Cyrill Gutsch / Designer, Founder of Parley

Jefferson Hack / Founder of Dazed Media (Co-host)

David de Rothschild / Explorer (Presenter)

Captain Paul Watson / Activist

Sylvia Earle / Explorer, Scientist

Vivienne Westwood / Designer

Ian Urbina / Investigative Reporter

Doug Aitken / Artist

Bruno David / Humanitarian

George Duffield / Filmmaker, Conservationist

Lamya Essemlali  / Activist

Elizabeth Farrell (Glacier Girl) / Activist

Philip Hoare / Author

Nicolas Hulot / Reporter, Writer, Filmmaker

Ora ïto / Artist




Eric Liedtke / Executive Board Member, Global Brands, Adidas

Leland Melvin / Astronaut

Guillaume Néry / Freediver

Francesca Von Habsburg / Art Commissioner, Producer

Louie Psihoyos / Filmmaker, Activist

Markus Reymann / Explorer, Actor, Producer

Patricia Ricard / Ocean Advocate

Jacque Rougerie / Architect

Tomas Saraceno / Artist

Florian Schneider / Musician

Marco Spier / 3D Animator, Artist, Storyteller

Alexander Taylor / Designer

Mike Long  / Director of Operations, Parley

Emily Penn / Explorer, Activist

Jeremy McCane / Artist, Photographer || @parleyxxx

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