By Captain Paul Watson

The Ocean is dying and if the Ocean dies, humanity dies with it. We cannot live on this planet with a dead ocean. By 2025 all the coral reef ecosystems in the world will be gone. By 2048, the world’s fisheries will collapse. Diminishment of biodiversity in our Ocean is the single greatest threat to the survival of humanity. With diminishment of species in our oceans comes diminishment of the quality of life for humanity.
What is the cause of this continuing mass extinction and imminent threat to our collective survival?
Human over-population and over consumption of resources is the primary threat and this brings with it chemical, oil, noise and plasticpollution. Global warming, oceanic acidification, over-fishing, agricultural run-off.  The threats are many but so are the solutions.
The threats are globally encompassing and a major problem is a lack of will and motivation on the part of the governments of the world.  Exploiting the resources of the Ocean translates into profit in the short term and there is no profit in the short term to protect and defend the Ocean.
In the long term of course the profit to be gained is the ecological salvation of humanity.
There is however one thing that can reverse the destruction in the seas and that is the passion, the imagination and the courage of individuals and non-governmental organizations.
The United Nations World Charter for Nature empowers individuals and non-governmental organizations to take action and throughout the history of civilization significant change has only come about because of the passion, imagination and courage of individuals.
We can clean up the plastic in the Ocean. We can police over-fishing and the illegal slaughter of whales. We can reverse many of the threats. All we need is to realize a motivation to do so and that motivation is simple.
Do we love our children enough to care, to act and to save the wondrous diversity of life in the Ocean?
I do, and I hope you will agree.
Together we can save our Ocean and thus together we can save humanity from ourselves.