We see the key to the solution in collaboration. Nobody can end this problem alone. We need to approach it from different angles and in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way. The responsibility lies with the creative industries, followed by major brands, environmentalists, and finally by consumers.

With every corporate partner who joins the Parley Ocean Plastic Program, we collaboratively strive to meet the following principles and define a long-term roadmap with challenging but realistic benchmarks.




A1 - Avoid plastic where possible and replace with alternative materials

A2 - Avoid virgin plastic and replace with post-consumer recycled materials

A3 - Inspire and convince your network and consumers to avoid plastic 



I1 - Take back products at end of life, and keep plastic in a closed loop

I2 - Empower and incentivize consumers to return end-of-life products to the loop

I3 - Intercept plastic reaching landfills, rivers, lakes or oceans, before it's burned or buried

I4 - Retrieve plastic debris from beaches, coastal areas, oceans, lakes, rivers



R1 - Question the 'reason to be' for every item you create or promote

R2 - Create products that last

R3 - Develop and support the use of eco innovative materials to replace plastic

R4 - Disrupt plastic-dependent product categories with new business models

R5 - Develop and support methods and technologies to prevent plastic & microplastic pollution

R6 - Develop and support new technologies to upcycle ocean plastic debris


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