The big challenge is to retrieve the floating plastic out of the open sea. The majority of the plastic has broken down into small pieces 1/4 of an inch or smaller. The plastic trash is scattered over massive areas and is not easily visible or collected. The center of a Vortex where the plastic concentration is highest is constantly moving. It is difficult to collect the plastic without harming fish and other sea life. Only a minority of the plastic is on the surface, the majority sinks to the ocean floor. But a huge part of the plastic debris is washing up on beaches where it can be collected relatively easily and without complex technology by locally organized clean up organizations.


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“I want to be plastic!” Andy Warhol’s phrase expresses the fascination for a seemingly perfect material. It is sleek, comes in any color possible, looks stunning when brand new and meets specific usage requirements which makes it very hard to replace. The truth is, plastic is a design failure. In addition to the clean-up efforts, Parley works with its corporate partners to reduce their use of plastic and runs an extensive research and development program for plastic replacements, microplastic filters, and upcycling methods.


The primary mission of Parley for the Oceans is to save as many animals as possible. The Parley network of cleanup organizations achieves this by removing plastic debris from shorelines and ghostnets from the high seas. In remote areas, we establish systems to intercept plastic waste before it ends up in landfills, gets burned, buried or tossed into rivers or oceans. We don’t see recycling as the ultimate solution for plastic pollution, but keeping plastic that has been already produced in a closed loop reduces the need for of new, virgin plastic.

Today, a sexy product can be the most efficient advertising for a cause. It is the best proof of concept for a new technology or material and gives consumers who care the option to do the right thing. Therefore the main communication tools of the Parley Ocean Plastic program are beautifully designed products that are made in a new and eco innovative way and carry the story of Ocean Plastic pollution into the world. Additionally, all products made with Ocean Plastic contribute to the funding of the initiative and support our mission.




“Creativity is the key to saving creation from our darker side and the key to a future of ecological harmony between humanity and the diversity of wondrous species we share this planet with.”

Captain Paul Watson