"It took centuries to create the mess. No magic bullet will solve it overnight. It will take time, creativity, and hard work."

John Warner, Founder of Green Chemistry


We see the key to ending marine plastic pollution in collaboration. Nobody can solve this problem alone. We need to approach it from different angles and in a multidisciplinary way. The responsibility lies with the creative industries, followed by major brands, environmentalists, and finally by consumers.


The following initiatives are part of the Parley Ocean Plastic Program:



Every piece can save a life. With an international network of partners we remove plastic debris from coastlines and intercept it in remote areas, where no solid waste management exists. Research, education and creating awareness are important parts of each cleanup.

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Repurposing deathtraps. Discarded fishing nets continuously kill sea life when left in the oceans, but they become impactful messengers for the cause when recycled. After being retrieved from high seas and shorelines, the former ghostnets get upcycled to create signature products.

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From trash to premium. Together with leading material experts, labs and innovators, we give plastic waste new life in ways that reduce the use of virgin plastics and catalyze awareness, funding and eco innovation toward long-term change.

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Reverse the unstoppable. Current plastic is a design failure. At Parley we believe we can only end plastic pollution if we invent our way out of this mess. Our collaborative green chemistry network is working on new materials and production methods to boost eco innovation.

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All eyes on the sea. Surfers relate to shorelines like no other group. The surf industry has all the reason to lead eco innovation to guard their playgrounds. Together, we generate valuable data on ocean health, mobilize local communities and collaborate on solutions.



Big data on ocean health. Instead of sending our own research vessels, we are gathering a network of sailors and fleet owners to run water tests and trawl for plastic pollution. With our partners we are developing equipment and an open-source citizen science platform.




“People protect what they love." But they only love what they know. Jacques Cousteau would have been a great teacher at our education events, which connect the next generation, today's opinion leaders, and executives with the sea so they may become insiders and ambassadors for the cause.

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Catch the invisible. Tiny plastic fibers and particles are rapidly spreading through waterways and into our oceans. Or they break down from larger pieces in the gyres. Our objective is to consolidate existing knowledge and develop new tools and methods to stop the pollution.

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A plan is only as good as its implementation. With the mindset of collaboration and cross intelligence, we are working closely with corporate partners, governments and nonprofit organizations to make the AIR Strategy the new industry standard.

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