“I think as I understand Parley, the idea is to create an atmosphere of collaboration and to bring disparate parties together who might not meet each other and might not know that they can work together on something.”

Dianna Cohen


Everything starts with inspiration. Therefore every Parley is a curated gathering with a dedicated topic, presented by Parley Speakers to a carefully selected audience. The talks are meant to give an overview of the State of the Oceans in general, to present a specific cause, and to get the support for a related initiative or project.


Once there is serious interest to support the cause and to start a collaboration or to join an already existing project or initiative, the Parley team will help to get the process going by developing an individual idea or concept, connecting to potential partners, and moderating the collaboration process from idea to finalization of an agreement.


The signature on an agreement is the kick-off for the actual collaboration process. The Parley team supports the collaborators by translating needs and ideas to each partner, managing expectations and keeping the partners on track with a realistic roadmap. It sounds simple, but the success of a collaboration lies in its implementation.



Featured Parley INITIATIVE: