“Parley is a wonderful platform because it brings all of these different artists, scientists, and people from the STEAM brain: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. You put them all together to talk about the problem and it brings them into the domains where the issue has not been talked about.”

Fabien Cousteau



The first Parley was hosted by artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel at his Palazzo Chupi in New York. A select group of guests came together with the shared mission of sounding the alarm on the importance of protecting the world’s oceans. The aim of the discussions was to brainstorm how the creative industries could lend support to and cooperate with leading global non for profit organizations, in order to raise awareness and fund operations.



Parley in Berlin addressed the rapidly growing threat of plastic waste in our oceans and raised discussions on solutions for retrieving the waste and recycling it into new products. Influential creative figures from across multiple industries—spanning art, film, music, and fashion to product design, architecture, technology and science—came together, along with ocean sentinels who dedicate their lives to the protection and conservation of the oceans.

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Parley “Oceans. Climate. Life.” was held at the United Nations, on the occasion of the High-Level Meeting on Climate Change convened by the President of the General Assembly. It aimed to raise awareness on critical conversations leading up to COP21 in Paris, where the international community is expected to deliver a new, ambitious agreement to protect present and future generations from the negative impacts of human activity on the planet—and on the oceans. 

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